A few members, would like you to view a snippet of information, hoping you are interested to read, that they, like you, are people worth meeting.
Semi-retired gentleman in his very early 60’s
intelligent & articulate with an interest in sport & shoppping!
Would like to meet a feminine lady,
slim, presentable, kind and understanding.
Someone who like him enjoys holidays in the UK
Single lady, professional and articulate
interested in travel, riding, dancing, cooking etc
Are you traditional, professional, strong and capable.
Do you enjoy a challenge?  Are you an individual?
Interested?  Contact Jen to find out more about me!
Single guy early 30’s without children
Interests include
music, cycling, dining out, live music, foreign travel
and family life
Looking for a girl for friendship and long term relationship,
distance is of no consequence, as open to travelling.
A great guy with a warm heart who is family orientated.

Scarborough/York Surrounding Area

An honest and trustworthy man, reliable and a good listener, qualities that would make him a great partner/friend/soulmate.
Personal interests include horses, riding etc, cooking, beach walks.
Open to you and your interests, but hoping to
 simply share and enjoy life in a long term relationship.
Could you be that lady?


Connections Abroad!

Ready for a new adventure, a new challenge, grabbing an opportunity with both hands, we have a female member of Connections, temporarily residing in Amsterdam. Back and forth to the UK, she is also very open to showing you the sights and culture of this amazing city.

Although very content with life, she would love to meet someone like-minded to share amazing life experiences with and enjoy a long term relationship. Making new friends is great, but the right relationship is even better! So if you wish to contact her please reach out to Jen @ Connections.

Phone: 01765 688847 / 01423 861900 Mobile: 07734300279