Exciting and Rewarding: let me shout it from the rooftops!

‘Jen I was excited, nervous and apprehensive about joining Connections.  But after meeting a selection of ladies, I found ‘the one’; therefore to say it was rewarding is an understatement, because ‘E’ has simply changed my life.  So thank you, It has been a valuable and worthwhile experience and your support was greatly appreciated.’  Richard.

This was a little snippet from Richard’s email.

From our perspective, it was a pleasure to work with Richard, a gentleman throughout and his email of thanks was a pleasure to receive.

Searching for a partner is not an easy venture for anyone, but taking the plunge, being receptive to others and working towards your personal goal is worthwhile.  There were times when Richard was asked to be patient, this has paid dividends towards his future happiness.   Richard was a Silver member of Connections Introductions in 2017, in his mid 50’s, he selected to freeze his membership after three dates!

Isn’t LOVE a wonderful thing!