Autumn; time to reflect before the winter draws in…

Love isn’t seasonal, wanting to  be with someone isn’t seasonal either.  During times like these it seems irrelevant whether it is spring or summer either.  The common ground with all seasons is if you are searching for someone special, why wait, seasons come and go.  Make use of our services and see if you find your future partner and happiness with us.  A FREE consultation waits.

Never too late to hear from you!

Hi this is john. I think you are the person who introduced Jane and I many years ago. We are very happy together through your agency. This is just a note to say that your agency behaved impeccably and set us on our course in life, we are now living in Lincolnshire.

Many kind regards we hope you are in fine health.
A note from Jen: Well It doesn’t get much better than that, contacting us after all these years, knowing someone is happy to have found the other through ourselves.
Thank you John and Jane.

It is time for me now ….

This is a phrase that I hear often; where people are at a different stage in their life, and although are enjoying life, feel they are missing that special person ‘purely for them’.  It is a great time to be lived and certainly one to be enjoyed.  Having someone who enhances your life is fantastic, definitely rewarding and without doubt worth searching for.

Exciting and Rewarding: let me shout it from the rooftops!

‘Jen I was excited, nervous and apprehensive about joining Connections.  But after meeting a selection of ladies, I found ‘the one’; therefore to say it was rewarding is an understatement, because ‘E’ has simply changed my life.  So thank you, It has been a valuable and worthwhile experience and your support was greatly appreciated.’  Richard.

This was a little snippet from Richard’s email.

From our perspective, it was a pleasure to work with Richard, a gentleman throughout and his email of thanks was a pleasure to receive.

Searching for a partner is not an easy venture for anyone, but taking the plunge, being receptive to others and working towards your personal goal is worthwhile.  There were times when Richard was asked to be patient, this has paid dividends towards his future happiness.   Richard was a Silver member of Connections Introductions in 2017, in his mid 50’s, he selected to freeze his membership after three dates!

Isn’t LOVE a wonderful thing!

Thank you for telling us …

you met a number of years ago and have since got married!  Fantastic news!   Belated or not, your wonderful news is worth sharing and whilst we can not publish your names, we know who you are!  A huge thank you for letting us know.  Wishing much happiness always.


Many congratulations to our happy couple.  Enjoying spending time together, making plans for their future and back to living life to the full.  Not wishing for anything more than companionship which they found with each other.

We asked for their own suggestions to others in similar circumstances:

Don’t give up!  Keep positive, stay focused and be patient!  Rome wasn’t built in a day and a partner for life is worth finding.  Connections is wonderful!

Thank you!

2018 proves to be rewarding!

At the beginning of a new year, there is curiosity as to how it will unfold, particularly after the vibrancy on departing 2017.

2018 has not disappointed! We are enjoying meeting new clients and look forward to introducing many more during the year.

Never easy to find that special someone, doing nothing brings nothing! We have fabulous clients, take advantage of your free consultation, with no obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

2017 : ending as it started!

We are delighted to be ending 2017 as it started ….. vibrant, busy and successful!

Life can be challenging. Can we help you to fulfil your dreams of who you are searching for? Is the time right? We hope so and we look forward to introducing you to our many members from all walks of life, all avenues of profession and all shapes and sizes. No two members are the same and neither is what they are searching for.

Enquire to see if we are the agency for you. Our door is open, we appreciate the many questions and queries. We have time for you, do you have time for us?

Our phones open Thursday 4th January, appointments are currently booked for week commencing 8th and 15th January 2018.

We very much look forward to speaking and meeting with you in 2018.

Crystal Advertising Campaign

For those who responded to our Crystal advertising campaign, thank you.

With a success story to share for one gentleman, we would like the same for our other gentleman, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us should you see our advertisements and are interested.  We aim to bring people together.

Connections members are invaluable and have a range of memberships to choose from.  Could there be someone in Connections for you?  Enquire today, we will be delighted to hear from you.


Honesty is the best policy!  September was quiet!   After which October arrived with avengeance and has been exceptional!  A diary full of FREE consultations,  keeps us buzzing with activity, potentially offering our fabulous members the opportunity to meet YOU.